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Add Company Logo to QuickBooks Forms

Customize QuickBooks to do Everything on Your List

A relatively easy QuickBooks customization is the addition of a Company logo or other image to the forms that QuickBooks prints such as invoices, receipts, estimates, purchase orders, etc. QuickBooks makes this modification simple so it is very likely something you can do yourself.

You access the form customization section of the program by clicking the 'Lists" menu and choosing the "Templates" option. The templates are listed by QuickBooks, highlight the template to be modified, and click the "templates" button in the lower-left corner of the templates dialog box. The first task that should be done before any QuickBooks customization is done is to make a copy of the form template that you are going to modify.

Making your revisions (even a simple revision like this) to a copy of the template rather than the original gives the user a safety cushion against a potential problem that would render a template unusable. Your next option choice should be "Edit Template". QuickBooks displays the template as it currently appears (you may be modifying a copy of a template that has already been modified). The image of the template appears on the screen, and there's a checkbox for the "Use logo" option toward the upper-left corner of it. When you click it, a "Select Image" dialog box appears and allows you to browse the drives and folders that are on your system so you can select the logo file. QuickBooks accepts a logo file in any of the following four image formats:

1. .jpeg
2. .gif
3. .bmp
4. .png

I recommend that you maintain your logo image in a "jpeg" format. This is a commonly-used format and affords you the greatest flexibility and ease of use. That's it! QuickBooks retrieves the image file of your logo and locates the logo in that upper-left corner of the form. If you choose, you can relocate or re-size the logo by using the "Layout Designer…" tool of QuickBooks form customization. If you have further questions or need help incorporating your logo onto QuickBooks templates, please contact me. I will be glad to assist you in any fashion.

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