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QuickBooks Pro vs. QuickBooks Premier Feature Overview

QuickBooks Training For Indivuals Or Groups

by Allan A. Krist

The QuickBooks product line serves well many different types of businesses. Today let's take a closer look at two of the popular desktop versions Pro and Premier, to contrast their features. Then we can look more closely at the "big brother" of the product line, Enterprise, in a future post.

In addition to the general intuitive ease-of-use that is the hallmark of any QuickBooks product, the areas that merit a closer look are:

• Inventory assembly items – Premier gives you the capability of specifying and tracking parts in your inventory that are the result of an assembly process from other parts, or combined with other parts to be sold as a kit.
• Sales/backorder tracking – Premier gives you the capability to enter and track an order that has been placed with your firm from its initial receipt through the assembly(if applicable), shipping, and invoicing process.
• Billing rate levels – Premier allows you to specify and apply when applicable a unique price level for each item that you re-sell.
• Estimate adaptation – Premier gives you the ability to convert an estimate into a sales order or invoice so that the user avoids having to make a duplicate entry.
• Improved screen displays – Premier offers a single-screen view of unbilled time-and-material work.
• Historical printing of bank reconciliations(for the accountant in you) - Premier gives the user the ability to re-print a bank reconciliation that was done in a previous month.
• Portability of report templates - Premier allows the user to export or move a report that may have been specially constructed to another version of QuickBooks.
• Multiple UOM sets - Any Premier version has the capability to handle parts that may be referenced in related, but not identical, unit of measure sets(i.e. – foot to yard, etc,).
• User licenses - Premier allows two additional user licenses for multi-user access bringing total user count to five.
• Report formats - Premier versions offer approximately 50 more reports, plus industry-specific versions of Premier offer significantly improved functionality for the industry that your business is in(manufacturing, contracting, non-profit, etc).
• Balance sheet departmentalization - Premier(starting with the 2011 version) allows for segmentation of your balance sheet by department.
• Premier version includes sample files, menus, and chart of accounts tailored to your industry for support and training purposes.

One of the above areas merits special mention: the Premier versions come with pre-defined report formats and menus which allow the user to generate industry-specific reports and install industry-specific features. This is an advantage over the standard Pro version not to be understated. Those abilities alone make a Premier version vastly superior to a Pro version if your Company is in one of the supported industries(construction, manufacturing, non-profit , services, etc.). The approximate $150 difference in price between Pro and any of the industry-specific Premier versions is well worth the difference.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss further with you any of the above QuickBooks Features. Please contact me via e-mail or telephone to further define any of the above features. Thank you.

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